pgenv gains a new command (and contributor!)

pgenv , the PostgreSQL binary manager written as a Bourne Again Shell script, has gained a new command: status. The idea of this command is to report the status of a selected PostgreSQL instance, mainly if it is running or not. Behind the scenes the implementation exploits the pg_ctl command for the selected instance, stopping the execution immediatly if the user has no selected any instance. The output of pg_ctl has been mangled to appear a little less verbose, in particular the pg_ctl: prefix has been removed. Brian Salehi is the author of this patch, and hopefully a new contributor that will help improving pgenv again and again. As an example, when using the new status command you will get something like the following:

% pgenv status
server is running (PID: 51503)
/usr/pgsql-16/bin/postgres "-D" "/postgres/16/data"

The article pgenv gains a new command (and contributor!) has been posted by Luca Ferrari on February 6, 2024