pgagroal: where is my configuration?

I implemneted a new command in pgagroal conf ls. The aim of the command is very simple: display where the configuration files are located. In fact, pgagroal configuration is split into several configuration files, and sometimes it could be useful to get information from the runtime system where a configuration file is. The command works as follows:

% pgagroal conf ls
Main Configuration file:   /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal.conf
HBA file:                  /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_hba.conf
Limit file:                /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_databases.conf
Frontend users file:       /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_frontend_users.conf
Admins file:               /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_admins.conf
Superuser file:
Users file:                /etc/pgagroal/pgagroal_users.conf

If a configuration file has not been specified, the corresponding value will be left empty, otherwise, the full path to the configuration file will be displayed. This is another small addition towards a better consistent and useulf command line interface.

The article pgagroal: where is my configuration? has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 13, 2023