An (old) interesting talk about Org-mode

Emacs Org-mode is not new at all, and is a very well known piece of software.
A few days ago I stepped thru this old video. This is the video by the main author of Org-mode, and is what made me switch to Org-mode almost entirely. Before such video, I was only a poor Emacs user, meaning I was using it as a text editor for development and nothing more.
However, in 2009, I was bored while serving at Cersaie in Bologna. Essentially, my factory was presenting at a big show, and I was there just to ensure the networking, PCs, and other stuff was working. Since I was good at such job, things were working fine, so I was digging the Web for new things to learn.
I found this video, and being on Emacs I thought “Ehi, I need to listen to this”. And so I did.
And even today, I strongly encourage people to see this video to get a glance at what Org-mode (and more in general, Emacs) is and can do.

In such video, it is told that a few people have switched from other editors to Emacs just to have Org-mode. And the video below is another example of how powerful Emacs can be even if you are coming from the other part of the barricade:

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