pgenv config migrate

Just a few hours I blogged about some new cool features in pgenv, I completed the work about configuration in one place.
Now pgenv will keep all configuration files into a single directory, named config . This is useful because it allows you to backup and/or migrate all the configuration from one machine to another easily.
But it’s not all: since the configuration is now under a single directory, the single configuration file name has changed. Before this release, a configuration file was named like .pgenv.PGVERSION.conf, with the .pgenv prefix that both made the file hidden and stated to which application such file belongs to. Since the configuration files are now into a subdirectory, the prefix has been dropped, so that every configuration file is now simply named as PGVERSION.conf, like for example 10.4.conf.
And since we like to make things easy, there is a config migrate command that helps you move your existing configuration from the old naming scheme to the new one:

% pgenv config migrate
Migrated 3 configuration file(s) from previous versions (0 not migrated)
Your configuration file(s) are now into [~/git/misc/PostgreSQL/pgenv/config]

Let’s have fun with pgenv!

The article pgenv `config migrate` has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 24, 2021