Emacs Raku Mode is Amazing!

I’ve waiting too long for Emacs, my default and favourite editor, to be able to help me in looking at Raku (aka Perl6) code.
The good old Perl mode was not suitable, and in fact the following is a look at some Raku code with the Emacs Perl Mode applied:

And here it is the beautiful Raku Mode in action on the same piece of code:

The mode also provides a good indentation approach, that allows for a good alignment of Raku elements. As an example, it can turn the below piece of code:

into the following one, sadly it does not trim extra spaces (e.g., after the :)

And there is more: the mode provides also bare templates for creating new scripts and modules. Quite frankly, I let the yasnippets package to do the work, but this mode is very good.

Installing into Spacemacs

Since there is no layer available for Spacemacs, at least so far, in order to prevent Spacemacs to delete the package as orphaned you need to install it under the dostpacemacs-additional-packages variable, in a way similar to the following (the extra packages are not related nor required to Raku mode):

dotspacemacs-additional-packages '(doom-themes

The article Emacs Raku Mode is Amazing! has been posted by Luca Ferrari on January 26, 2021