Simulating the WOPR (a tribute to professor Folken)

I was searching for an introductory video, for a project I’m thinking to start (and that is not that difficult to guess).
I began using a specific Konsole profile to simulate somehow the old Commodore 64 typing experience.
Then I remembered I knew about a strange project, named Cool Retro Term CRT), that is a GUI based terminal emulator that adds a lot of fancy effects to mimic the old cathode computer monitors.
I don’t see myself using such a terminal on a day-by-day basis, but it can be nice to have it around just to remember the times where doing system administration was something literally blowing your eyes.

Anyway, using the CRT and my own Perl script to simulate a real typing, I was able to mimic the WOPR, the self-thinking computer of the War Games film.

And here it is the final effect:

The article Simulating the WOPR (a tribute to professor Folken) has been posted by Luca Ferrari on January 10, 2021