Hey there! I’m using PostgreSQL!

A few weeks ago I changed my old mobile phone, and so I had to install again all my applications, including something I personally hate: WhatsApp.
While checking the configuration of the application, correctly and automatically cloned from my old phone, I came across the standard status that WhatsApp places for you:

The standard phrase is Hey there! I'm using WhatsApp!.
I hate this automatically placed sentences, so I was trying to thin about something different, and then I decided that I did not want something different because, after all, I don’t think many people spend their time reading your status.
And then, I decided to let the world know I’m using PostgreSQL:

It’s not a very big contribution, but it is a just a quick and easy way to let the world know about PostgreSQL.
If you like PostrgreSQL and the idea, please update your status too!

The article Hey there! I'm using PostgreSQL! has been posted by Luca Ferrari on September 4, 2020