Two of my most frequent syntax mistakes in Raku

Raku is, together with Perl, my favourite programming language. Unluckily, I cannot use in my day-to-day activity and, most notably, I cannot use for every activity. This means I have to do some stuff in Raky, some in Java, PHP, Perl, and who knows whatever else.

It happens therefore, sometime, that I confuse language syntaxes.
What makes Raku great is that the compiler provides very detailed error messages, sometimes making me laugh at how stupid I am for the error I’ve done.
The following are the couple of mistakes I do the most when switching to Raku.

Unsupported use of C++ constructor syntax

Raku, as other sane OOP languages, use methods to do everything, including constructing objects. This means there is no special operator new. Actually, you can find this also in Perl, but not in other OOP languages like Java and PHP.
What I sometime do is:

class Foo {
    has $.bar;

my $foo = new Foo( bar => 'This is bar!' );

Cleary, not having a new operator, Raku refuses to do such a stupid thing with an error message like the following:

% raku test.p6 
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/luca/tmp/test.p6
Unsupported use of C++ constructor syntax; in Raku please use method call syntax
at /home/luca/tmp/test.p6:7
------> my $foo = new Foo⏏( bar => 'This is bar!' );

What I have to do is to make my brain remember that the right way to do is!
But I find funny that Raku actually referes to C++ constructors as those used via the new operator.

?? !! Ternary Operator

I love the ternary operator, however it is quite hard for me to remember the !! part in Raku because I tend alsways to use the : common to many programming languages.

#! raku

my $foo = "Foo";
say $foo ?? $foo : "NOT FOO";

and again, Raku being a patient instructor, reminds me about the error:

% raku test.p6
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling /home/luca/tmp/test.p6
Please use !! rather than :
at /home/luca/tmp/test.p6:5
------> say $foo ?? $foo :⏏ "NOT FOO";
    expecting any of:
        colon pair

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