PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Errata Corrige

I have already written about how my first book on PostgreSQL, named PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Quick Start Guide, gained more attention.

Gaining attention also means that readers could find out problems and errors, and this is good (to me)!
The first problem that has been reported to me is described here, so that if you are reading the book can better understand and deal with the problem.

Listing 8 on Chapter 3

The Listing 8 in chapter 3 is wrong, and in particular it is the very same listing as Listing 13 later in the chapter. The problem is that the shown listing 8 does not include a variable, namely file_type, that is referenced in the text.
Therefore, if you are dealing with that particular example, please consider that the right listing is reported on the official GitHub repository.

Iā€™m really sorry about the misplaced listing, I hope this can help making it more readable.

The article PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming Errata Corrige has been posted by Luca Ferrari on June 17, 2020