Producing PDF the easy way: PDFQuirk

PDF Quirk is a fresh and simple tools, and at the very same time a very powerful one, that is available as an application that runs on top of Qt 5 (and therefore, on Plasma too).
The idea behind PDF Quirk is that it is possible to produce a single PDF froma list of images or other documents, something like what you can do with ImageMagick or similar tools. Effectively, this is just a front-end for the well know ImageMagick, so it exploits the same reliable technology.
So where is the advantage of using PDF Quirk? An easy and clean GUI instead of having to deal with the command line. I’m not scare by the command line, and quite frankly is the only way I do my stuff, but I find it hard to remember how to merge documents into a single one, and therefore PDF Quirk is somehow a relief.
On the command line I’ve to do something like the following:
% convert 'pre 1.jpg'  'pre 2.jpg'  'pre 3.jpg'  'pre 4.jpg'  'pre 5.jpg'  'pre 6.jpg'  'pre 7.jpg'  'pre 8.jpg' pre.pdf
that will merge all pre JPEG files into a single PDF.
Now with PDF Quirk I can launch the GUI and add the images with Add from File button, that handles multiple selections, and then Save to get the progam asking for the output file to produce.

The tool is at a very early stage, but it is already useful to me (and probably to many others), and will get surely improved during time.

The article Producing PDF the easy way: PDFQuirk has been posted by Luca Ferrari on June 11, 2020