Microsoft Windows Package Manager

A few days ago a package manager for Microsoft Windows has been released as open source: welcome winget! And this is not a third party tools, it is the official package manager for the Microsoft Windows set of operating systems.
Here it is the announce: Windows Package Manager Preview.

Sounds to me like Microsoft is stoling the very good ideas from other open source operating system, like Linux and BSDs, that ship with their package managers since ages now. Most notably, what makes a Linux distro different from another todays is often the policy and technology behind the management of packages.

There is nothing wrong in stoling good ideas, and quite frankly I was a little surprised Microsoft haven’t introduced a package manager before nowdays, since every single ecosystem has a package manager now (think about Perl, Raku, PHP, Java, …).
What does not convince me is the fact that some Windows Professional are saying this is just a way to make feel Unix developers at home. I don’t buy this statement, since as a Unix developer, or better a developer on an Unix environment, I feel at home using pragmatic and reliable tools, and quite frankly a package manager is what makes a programming language more appealing than another when dealing with dependencies. So, please, go get serious: Microsoft has only beginned a right journey into making its operating system more exploitable by automated system.
Accept that.

The article Microsoft Windows Package Manager has been posted by Luca Ferrari on May 21, 2020