Who does remember PUGS?

Todays was a nice sunny day, so I decided to spend the afternoon in my garden staring at the sun reading my programming book on the kindle.
While reading an old book, on Ruby (because we need to know everything, right?), I found a reference to [Pugs](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pugs_(programming){:target=”_blank”}, the initial effort in implementing Perl 6 (now Raku).

A reference to Pugs

Pugs was a Perl 6 implementation done in Haskell, and its name stands for Perl 6 User’s Golfing System (PUGS). Nowdays is, as you can imagine, a piece of history, but back in the days it was very useful because provided a good workbench for the Perl 6 specification and offered several implementation ideas.

I don’t know if the author sentence is right, and Pugs has drawn more attention to Haskell than to Perl 6, but I know for sure it was an important piece of the history of Perl 6 as we know it today.

The book was the nice Ruby by Example: Using Ruby to Solve Difficult Problems by Baird, Kevin C., which I read a few years agow hen I was involved in a project related to Redmine and other Ruby based stuff.

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