PostgresWeekly Interview

Peter Cooper had written a small interview on me.
Postgres Weekly is a email roundup about PostgreSQL that is sent once per week, as the name implies, and provides a summary about what is happening and happened in the PostgreSQL ecosystem.
I think I’ve met Postgres Weekly one or two years ago, when I was contacted by the administrator that asked me to publish some of the contents I try to periodically write on PostgreSQL.

Sure! That’s why I have a blog after all!
And I have to enhance the above statement saying that I actually openened my first blog immediatly after the first italian PGDay.IT (2007) to the purpose of write about PostgreSQL (and other technologies), so PostgreSQL has been one of the most important reasons for me to have a blog!

Interview with Luca Ferrari

Having being interviewed by Peter has been a pleasure, and he is a very good, nice and polite guy.

In this interview, for the fist time, I also tell about a very difficult part of my life that has nothing to do with PostgreSQL: long story short my eyes are turning off and there is no chance to rollback. I have to confess that this requires some brainpower to escape from nightmares.
That’s why my book, even if small and simple, has been a very important achievement for me. Pretty much the same feeling as when I was shooting at 90 meters with my bow ithout having any eye difficulty after a long period of repeated surgeries and medications.

PostgreSQL 11 Server Side Programming by Luca Ferrari

But there is also something more happy in this interview, as the announcement that I am working to another book and we (because I’m writing with a friend of mine) have almot done half of the journey. You guess the subject!

The article PostgresWeekly Interview has been posted by Luca Ferrari on April 24, 2020