PL/pgSQL Trends

I discovered this excellent graphing system that shows several programming language trends, according to

So, let’s compare PL/pgSQL with SQL and plSQL:
As you can see, the interest in PL/pgSQL has grown grown a lot in the last days, and this is due to the success PostgreSQL (and therefore the language) has achieved, at least in my opinion. I’m not sure that the comparison with plSQL is correct, because this is tied to a proprietary database and chances are there is less material available on Github, at least on a general basis.

The trends are confirmed also with regard to the issues, pull requests and stars, with the only exception that plSQL overtook PL/pgSQL on pull requests around the year 2014.

That’s interesting, especially if you compare the trends with real programming language, I mean with multipurpose programming languages like Perl

and everything disappear if you compare against hype languages like Python or…ehm…Javascript:

The article PL/pgSQL Trends has been posted by Luca Ferrari on April 17, 2020