Building an application quickly: the Perl way!

kMy wife asked me a simple and quick application to manage a little warehouse where she is currently working.
What to use? How to write it?

I decided to use Perl and Catalyst, in order to build a simple web application. I have to admit it has been years since I wrote my last Catalyst based application, and in the last month I’ve written much more in Raku than in Perl.

Anyway, I was able to design and implement the application in a weekend, and that was not me being good, rather Catalyst, DBIc and Perl being the right set of tools to do this. And thanks to my old friend SQLite3, I didn’t need a relation engine to install and setup!

The end result was named Fringy, credits to our last dog.

I then spent more than one day in styling, and that’s because I don’t like CSS at all!

I’ve also started to hate more and more Java and Hibernate: if you have ever tried *DBIc you know what I’m talking about!*

I cannot share any code so far, I’ve not setup a remote repository but surely I will do once I know exactly what it will be the future of this small piece of code.

The article Building an application quickly: the Perl way! has been posted by Luca Ferrari on April 8, 2020