Refactoring my blog stats generator

I’ve spent a couple of hours improving my personal Perl 5 script to generate Jekyll blog statistics. Since version 67aa9eb of Jekyll Simple Stats there are a few little improvements and fixes that I discovered when the year turned to 2020. Yes, changing the year was good because I had pretty much no posts in the new year (this one is the very second) and therefore a couple of wrong counting within the script shown up.
Now the script handles correctly the abscence of either posts or tags within a graph (Perl’s autovivification is really a great way to handle the abscence of data!), provides a better grid and centers the tics with months. I have to admit that my Gnuplot knowledge is really at a low level, therefore suggestions and improvements are really welcome.

Of course, this blog stats have been updated consequently.

The article Refactoring my blog stats generator has been posted by Luca Ferrari on January 5, 2020