Systemd: service command not found

What can you do when the system answers to your commands with something like
% sudo service postgresql stop
zsh: command not found: service
That happened to me today.
At glance, I thought there was some hidden problem with the PATH and sudo(1), but a quick search on the web shown me that, for some strange reasons, Fedora has a specific package named initscripts that includes service, so the command what effectively not installed on the system.

The solution was therefore as simple as:
% sudo yum install initscripts
but why is a such important component not available on the base install?
I know that it is possible to interact with systemctl in a straight manner, so for instance the following are equivalent:
% sudo systemctl stop postgresql
% sudo service postgresql stop
but having to manage a lot of different system, I tend to rely on service be there and do the right thing depending on the service manager the operating system is using.

The article Systemd: service command not found has been posted by Luca Ferrari on December 5, 2019