Be accurate when you publish a document

One of the best lesson learned from my PhD has been to be accurate in producing documents, especially when such documents are going to be published or, more in general, released in the public domain.
Therefore, I get really upset when I receive some sort of document, tipically a PDF, that includes application defaults like the title, the author fake name, and stuff like that.

Today’s hall of shame is Red Hat: as you can see, the public PDF related to an event agends includes the Microsoft Word title and Documento1 preamble.
There is nothing wrong with using Microsoft Word, or better, I suspect Red Hat should not be using such type processor, but I’m not really bothered by the program they use. I’m bothered by not evaluating the document produced.
Now, this of course does not mean I never do such mistakes, but quite frankly I believe this is a way to let other people know which software are you using and, most notably, that you are a client of such software manufacter. Could we say applications are doing advertising? It could be…

The article Be accurate when you publish a document has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 12, 2019