Be a Professional (when asking for people to do a job)

A few weeks ago an email hit my inbox:
I came across your web dev work and thought it looked interesting. 
Are you doing any contract or freelance work? 
My client is looking to contract somebody with experience in HTML, CSS, 
and javascript for a frontend web project.
That is a lot of stuff your client wants to do!
And besides, anybody who knows me, knows also how much I hate web development and how poor I’m in web frontends!

However, time for a little flame here, so I replied with:
unless you want to be labeled as spam, 
please reference the "web dev
work" you are meaning.
Otherwise there will be no discussion.

It could be, but when offering me a job please consider I need time to evaluate, consider and find resources to accomplish it, so it is required to be very clear on what we are talking about.

But the poor bastard was reasoning with less bits than a Commodore 64:
Awesome thanks!

I'm doing the initial coordinating and will be 
sending these details to my client for review 
to select who to interview. 
In order to do that, I need to following:

1. A flat fee quote (not hourly) on everything

2. Estimated timeline (in hours, days, or weeks) 
to complete the project

3. Portfolio links for html, css, and js 
(NOT wordpress sites or sites built with templates), 
highlighting specific projects that might have similar elements

Oh, thanks God you are not searching for a WordPress user! Now that sounds like a serious job!

Now, little poor seven-bits bot:
  • how am I supposed to estimate time and fee without any detail about the project?
  • why should I send you a portfolio since you already mentioned my awesome web dev work?

I’m sure hell is full of people like you offering jobs:
Good luck in searching a monkey-type child.
If you need a professional, 
be a professional you too and read what
other people replied to you.

Please do _never_ contact me again.

Lesson learned: when you are seeking for a professional, be you too a professional and ask for serious stuff in a detailed manner.

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