PL/Proxy on PostgreSQL 12 ?

In my yesterday blog post I reported some stupid thougth about compiling PL/Proxy against PostgreSQL 12.
I was too stupid to hit the removal of HeapTupleGetOid (as of commit 578b229718e8f15fa779e20f086c4b6bb3776106 ), and after having read the commit comment with more accuracy, I found how to fix the code (at least I hope so!).

Essentially, wherever I found usage of HeapTupleGetOid I placed a preprocessor macro to extract the Form_pg_ structure and use the normal column oid instead, something like:
#if PG_VERSION_NUM < 12000 
  Oid namespaceId = HeapTupleGetOid(tup);
  Form_pg_namespace form = (Form_pg_namespace) GETSTRUCT(tup);
  Oid       namespaceId  = form->oid;

I strongly advise to not use this in production, at least until someone of the PL/Proxy authors have a look at the code! However the tests pass on PostgreSQL 12beta2 on Linux.

You can find the pull request that also includes my previous pull request to make PL/Proxy work against PostgreSQL11 and FreeBSD.
I hope it can help pushing a new release of this tool.

The article PL/Proxy on PostgreSQL 12 ? has been posted by Luca Ferrari on August 27, 2019