As powerful as tar(1) is …

Readin the tar(1) man page (because you, as I do, sometimes re-read man pages, right?) I found that the BSD version, in particular the FreeBSD version, of tar(1) does support a lot more file layouts.
GNU tar(1) supports the following compressed formats:
  • bzip2(1)
  • xz(1)
  • lzip(1)
  • lzma(1)
  • lzop(1)
    while the FreeBSD version supports also:
  • zstd
  • lrzip(1)
  • lz4
    but here is more than just compression. BSD tar(1) also provides native support for iso9660 (disk images) and encryption!
    Since tar(1) is shipped with the base system, seems FreeBSD has access to a lot more archive formats than regular GNU distributions.

The article As powerful as tar(1) is ... has been posted by Luca Ferrari on July 12, 2019