A brief look at my desktop

I’m not one an all-on-desktop icons man, I tend to keep my desktop very clean and minimal because I switch between applications that are all at the maximum size.
I keep my most frequently used applications at my findertips, on the panel, but on the right because I’m supposed to click on them only once, and therefore I prefer to keep my left part of the panel with the task manager. Recently I switched from the usual task manager to an icon only one, which makes the panel look a lot more empty.
I do use a few tridimensional effects when switching among windows, mostrly because they give me time to think about which window I’m actually switching to.
And there’s Emacs, today Spacemacs, with the wonderful magit extension.

The article A brief look at my desktop has been posted by Luca Ferrari on May 18, 2019

Tags: kde