UBS Sticks…

I tend to keep all my personal data in a cyphered USB stick. Since a lot of time ago the stick died, I learnt to buy new sticks every so, make regular backup copies, and keep my data safer. And I still do: for every data I keep incremental and full backups scattered across other devices. But no matter, when a not-always online storage device (as an USB stick) dies, you loose data. Here it is a detailed description of what happened and what I tried to do to access my data on the USB stick. In my case I lost around a month of data, that I was able to recreate almostly. Why such a big data loss? Because I do my backups monthly and I was just before a regular backup. Damn! After this sad experience, I decided to increase the number of backup devices and the frequency of backups, at least to guarantee that I’ve always a weekly backup available. Why not putting all the data into the cloud? After all it is encrypted. True, but I don’t like the idea of downloading and uploading the same piece of data over and over, and moreover I want to be able to evaluate my data offline.

The article Damn, my main USB stick died! has been posted by Luca Ferrari on October 30, 2018

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