Emacs Org-mode and the not exported caption problem

I foten have to write technical documentation that includes snippets of code, and thanks to Org-mode this is a piece of cake. My template is as follows:
#+caption: Code showing foo and bar
#+name: listen_4_function
#+INCLUDE: "code/8_04.sql" src sql -i -r
As you can see, I wrap my whole code into a listing, with a caption (i.e., a title) and a name used for cross reference. The code is included via the #+include directive, so I’m sure that everytime I export the code I will grab the most updated version out of the version control. So far, so good. However, since a couple of days, I was not getting the caption out of the export. After a good amount of time, I noted that my listings were all missing a little piece: the src directive before the language itself. As a result, the code was not correctly wrapped, and most notably, the caption was not inserted in the export frame. Shame on me! I had copied and pasted the listing template over and over, so my whole document was srewed up. Ok, donì’t panic, Emacs can solve it with an M-% in a bunch of seconds.
And happiness came again!

The article Emacs Org-mode and the not exported caption problem has been posted by Luca Ferrari on August 9, 2018

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