Sqitch and Sqitchers

Long story short: if you are not using sqitch you should give it a look.

sqitch does not ties itself to only PostgreSQL, but it does support a lot of relational engines. However, if you want to know how to start using Sqitch over PostgreSQL go read the excellent Introduction to Sqitch on PostgreSQL.

I’ve already written about sqitch in the past (in italian).
sqitch is a great tool to manage database changes, mainly schema changes. The idea is to provide a git-like interface to manage changes, a change is made by three scripts appropriately written for the backend database:
  • a deploy script (what to do);
  • a revert script (how to undo);
  • a test script (how to check the deploy succeeded).

Introducing sqitchers.

Around a month ago, the sqitch creator, David E. Wheeler, created a GitHub Organization named sqitchers that now holds all the Sqitch related stuff including, obviously, the codebase for the project. At the same time, the Sqitch steering committee grown, and this is a good thing since this project quickly became an handy tool for database management.

In conclusion, sqitch is growing and getting more free every day. If you are curious about project history and explaination by its own creator David E. Wheeler, I suggest you listening to this (old) FLOSS Weekly podcast.

The article Sqitch and Sqitchers has been posted by Luca Ferrari on June 26, 2018