No, this is not a new project about our favourite database.
I asked my great wife to make a chocolate cake to share with all attendees, and we came up with the idea of putting the elephant logo on top of it.
Let’s say it was not difficult for my wife to produce the elephant cake, that bite after bite disappeared…you know, even complex queries become simpler in front of a good cake! Chances are there will be a /replication/ instance coming up sooner or later!
pg_chocolate_1 pg_chocolate_2 As a side note, I really have to thank my friend Max for patiently drive me home and, most notably, for coming up with the idea of this course. A special thank to the Modena Linux User Group ConoscereLinux and its president Luca for hosting the course and help me arranging the material.

The article pg_chocolate (aka the end of course in Modena) has been posted by Luca Ferrari on May 23, 2018