PostgreSQL 10 short course in Modena

I’m doing a short course on PostgreSQL, with particular regard to the 10 edition, in Modena. Thanks to the local Linux Users’ Group (LUG) /ConoscereLinux/, that provided all the infrastructure for the course, I wiil introduce attendees at basic SQL concepts and how PostgreSQL works. The course schedule is available at the official course page, and the course will be based on 6 lessons (2 already done). Attendees can come with their own laptops, and lessons will be “live”: I will show concepts while explaining on my own laptop running PostgreSQL 10.1.

All the slides will be available for free on the course page, and are based on my work available on my github repository. The course will take place every week on Tuesday evening. So far the attendees are very interested in PostgreSQL and its technology, and are curious about evaluating all its features as a

I really have to thank the ConoscereLinux LUG, with particular regard to Luca and Massimiliano, for both giving me such chance and, most notably, for waiting me to be ready after my last eye-surgery, and driving me home!

The article PostgreSQL 10 short course in Modena has been posted by Luca Ferrari on April 13, 2018