psql and the exit command

If you are tied to the great psql command line tool, you know that in order to exit from such terminal you have to type a pseudo-command, in particular the \q command. A few days ago, Bruce Momjian commited a patch that allows psql to understand also an explicit command typed as exit or quit, as well as help (in substitution of \h). This is a little but quite interesting enhancement, since a lot of terminals today, with particular regard to shells, understand an explicit quit command rather some sort of internal command. It will not make my life easier, however, since I’m used to work with either psql or the sqlite3 command prompt and I’m also miswriting the exit command using \q in the latter or .quit in the former. However, it will look a lot simpler for other users approaching psql!

The article psql verbose quit has been posted by Luca Ferrari on February 5, 2018