Modena Tech Summit 2018

Last saturday I went to Modena to attend the Modena Tech Summit 2018. It was an interesting event, with a good organization, and here there’s a short list of good and bad things I noteiced during the event itself. I can state I will return to this kind of meeting, and what I appreciate the most was the passion by both speakers, organizers and attendees for their activities. Now, not being a specific-subject conference, it was so useful from a learning point of view as other conferences I went, but definetively one it was worth attend to.

The Good Things

The conference was humble, in the good sense of the term. Speakers were nice and ready to get questions and open discussions. This is a good value for such a meeting. The catering was really good, and that is an important point in organizing the meeting. The space was adeguate and the organizers were nice and prepared, and everything ran smoothly.

The Bad Things

The main room was too cold in the first part of the morning. While I strongly appreciate speakers to have their slides with dark background, using blue fonts on a black background does not make easy to read for anybody! Speakers should always check the readability of their slides. English presentations are not good! Since this was na italian summit, and given that every developer should be able to read english, presenting with spoken italian english written material is too odd. Last but not least, is there really the need for a proprietary tool to present? Isn’t it time to evolve?

The article Modena Tech Summit has been posted by Luca Ferrari on January 22, 2018