Watching new commits via IRC

I realized only a few weeks ago that the Perl 6 documentation project provides backtracking information about the commits on the #perl6 IRC channel on freenode. What is so special about that? Well, while I find it quite interesting as a way to announce new features, this is also a meter about how much does Perl 6 care about its own documentation. Having information about new commits makes people interested in reading the documentation and, most notably, in reviewing its content and therefore in improving it. The following is a short example about a push I did:
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: 5 commits pushed by (Luca Ferrari)++  [11:04]
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: c01852ffc3 | Extended the explaination of $*GROUP and
       $*USER variables.
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: 50382c5937 | Add blank line before =item POD directive.
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: 0cfc6e57f6 | Little changes to explaination of $*PERL.
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: 9c24744b8b | More on $*KERNEL, $*VM, $*DISTRO.
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: 6ed3006eb5 | Fix link directive, resolves mistake from
<Geth> ¦ doc/master: review:

The article Watching new commits via IRC has been posted by Luca Ferrari on January 4, 2018