A positive email in my inbox

When I have time I try to write some short and technical articles. As already explained in this blog, I do that for sevveral reasons, mainly:
  • spreading the Open Source word;
  • let other people to know and get in touch with great projects I do use;
  • learn something new and cool and transmit it to others.
So it happens I wrote a couple of articles again for BSD Magazine, and the subject was PostgreSQL. As usual, papers undergo a review process to decide if they should be accepted, worked on, thrown away and so on. The last review I got back included, among the others, the following statement:
Luca's writing does in fact show his passion for FOSS.
Tell him please, that he did a wonderful job on this [...]
That’s really worth all the time spent in writing, testing, trying, experimenting and laying out a paper. And I’m really proud my passion for Open Source is perceived by others in a positive way. And my message on this is that you too can start doing a good job on teaching and spreading the Open Source word. The only risk you are facing is to receive a very positive email like the above one!

The article A positive email in my inbox has been posted by Luca Ferrari on December 15, 2017