Italian C++ Day Modena

Last saturday I spent a few hours attending the Italian C++ Day in Modena. I have to say it was really a nice event, and most important, a very stimulating one. me attending the italian c++ day in modena me attending the italian c++ day in modena bis While it is surely true I don’t develop any C++ code since a few years, and therefore I’m a little un-trained in reading such code, I really appreciated the contents and the speakers that seemed to me enough professional and clear for even a non-C++ coder to listen. The topics, despite the titles, were really interesting. A particular note on the organization, that was really informal and therefore much more stimulating than other more “business-style” events. Last but not least, the whole conference was for free, surely allowing other people to get in touch with the language and the community. As a sidenote, I believe there were a few things to improve on the speaker side:
  • using powerpoint was…not so good! I believe in such kind of conferences it is important to emphasize the usage of free tools, not proprietary ones;
  • slow introduction of each talk, yes, in the beginning the talks were a little boring and then get hot in the second half of the slot, so I recommend speakers to jump as quickly as possible to the real problem.

The article Italian C++ Day Modena has been posted by Luca Ferrari on December 4, 2017