Another site?

I started blogging on the great blogspot platform back in 2007, after the first PGDay.IT. While I find blogger a good platform, I decided to switch to a more comfortable one, in this case Jekyll and Github pages. What does comfortable mean? Well, it is no secret I’ve eyesight problems and my eyes are getting bad on a day-by-day basis. This means I tend to slow down my editing capabilities when not using well profiled tools, that in my case reduces to a dark theme Emacs with big fonts. Yeah, I know, I can use org-mode to post to a blogger platform, and this is what I’m doing since more than an year, but why not try a new technology stack? My old blog is available at; on date 2017-07-17 the old posts have been migrated and integrated into this blog. Please be patitent because the stylesheets will not the be same and some link could be broken.

The article Hello World (again!) has been posted by Luca Ferrari on July 13, 2017

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