With a few days of delay I'm reporting my trip to Naples to participate to the Central Europe BSD Day 2013. The conference was well organized and the location was nice: the conference took place at the CNR in Naples, and we had a whole room with multimedia display where several very good speakers presented the current status in many BSD-related projects.

One interesting fact that emerged from the conference is that the BSD community is somewhat really small when compared to the Linux one, and this does not mean that it has lack of quality or is steps behind because of the lack of resources: on the other hand the BSD community (or better, all BSD communities) has been able to focus and exploit their resources at the best. In other words, even with less developers than other communities, BSD is able to ship an enterprise quality set of products. It sounds to me that the whole point in BSD is to keep things simple, so that they are easier to be managed.
With regard to the conference organization I have to say organizers were really nice and made a good job to make the day successful, even if the number of participant was not so big as I would have been expected from an European event. However, the conference place was good, the meat was great and the technical discussions were very interesting too, so I've nothing but good words to say about the event.
As a side note, I had the opportunity to leave a few PostgreSQL flyers and to talk to some people about both ITPUG and PostgreSQL.

The article Central Europe BSD Day 2013 has been posted by Luca Ferrari on May 19, 2013