One of the reasons that forced me to go to the Central Europe BSD Day 2013 was to take part in the BSDA Certification Exam. And I'm proud to say that now I'm BSDA certified! I've passed the exam with a quite high score, near the maximum, but I have to admit that I misread a few questions...I guess it is normal considering the stress of the exam itself.

I'm not supposed to talk about the exam contents, since one thing that any candidate has to sign and agree on is a non-disclosure agreement. However, I can say that the exam is very good in quality: questions are well written and, in my opinion, quite focused on the subject. Moreover, the correction of the question was in time, and therefore I received the results before the deadline for the correction has passed. 
How did I prepared to the exam? Well, I fired up four virtual machines, each one with one of the four mainstreams BSD releases (actually I was firing up five machines, but I used FreeBSD instead of PCBSD because I did not need a graphical environment to test my capabilities). On each machine I exercised all the confgurations and commands the BSDCG Study Guide recommends, and I noticed the differences among any command and stack. Being mainly a FreeBSD user, I found myself at home on FreeBSD systems, but recognized the need for more practice on different BSDs, and having virtual machine was a good way of comparing all the four main systems.

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