I did some review to my micro portsnap patch, thanks also to the suggestion on the FreeBSD forums and -stable mailing list.
In particular, as someone pointed out, using wget(1) is not a good idea because it is not part of the base system and requires an admin to manually install it from ports or packages. That is not a big deal in my opinion, and it is the reason why I made a change so that it was possible to configure, using /etc/portsnap.conf, a way to specify that wget(1) was required. To make it even clearer, I also created a function check_downloader that is used to check the presence of the program executable used to download stuff (either phttpget or wget).
I was not fully happy with such patch, but I have not a better idea until someone on the -stable mailing list pointed out that FreeBSD (of course!) has already a downloader: fetch(1).
The problem with fetch(1) is that it requires a full URL while portsnap was internally dealing with clean server names.
So I reverted the patch in order to avoid using wget(1) and to use fetch(1) by means of a flag in /etc/portsnap.conf and introduced a new variable in the internal portsnap implementation, SERVER_PROTOCOL, that simply handles "http" in the case of the usage of fetch(1).
The patch has moved into another path within my repository and is available here.

The article portsnap patch to use fetch (instead of wget) has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 28, 2012

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