Something nice I found on Planet Gnome a few days ago:
In the beginning was the command line
The machines were full of null and void
And darkness covered the screens and the terminals
The fingers of the programmers moved upon the surface of the keyboards

And then Xerox said, Let there be mice: and there were mice
And Steve Jobs saw that the mice were good
He took the idea to the Lisa team, and later on to the Mac
They fancied themselves pirates, and even had a flag

Then Steve said, Let there be GUIs: and there were GUIs
And Bill Gates saw that the GUIs were good
DOS begat Windows and a new computing age was born
He licensed it to IBM and every other willing company

Then Bill said, Let there be a computer in every home
And there were computers in every home
And DARPA saw that the computers were good
They built & tested communication between UCLA and Stanford

Then DARPA said, let there be Internet: and there was Internet
And Tim Berners-Lee saw that the internet was good
He had the idea for linking documents and proposed hypertext
Then he connected it to TCP and domain name ideas

Then Tim said, let there be the web: and there was the web
And AltaVista saw that the web was good
The created a search engine and were bought by Yahoo
But along came a little startup named Google

Then Google said let there be PageRank: and there was PageRank
And all SEOs saw that the PageRank was good
Web 2.0 came along and Moore’s law was holding steadfast.
But a bubble was looming on the horizon

Then Steve looked at all that they had started
And he said, It is not good for Nokia to be alone
We shall make a competitor worthy of them

Then Steve said (again), Let there be iPhone: and there was iPhone
And Samsung saw that the iPhone was good
And the rest, as they say, is history

The article Computer History... has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 19, 2012