I was reading the Planet KDE when some strange posts got my attention: someone was seeking for help for Daniel Nicoletti. Daniel is a KDE contributor, his last activities were on printing management and the Apper package kit. While moving to a KDE summit, he was arrested and is currently in jail.
To understand why it is required to give  a short story.
More than one year ago, his one year and half old daughter died in a car accident while the Nicoletti family was travelling in Argentina.
A few days ago, on November the 8th, while travelling to hackfest.cm, he was arrested by the Germany police and went to jail. In short, he has been sought by international police for the murder of his daughter.
I don't know the facts, but I suspect it is not Daniel's fault. I never met Daniel, even if he helped me on the KDE developers mailing list a few times.
This incident reports to my mind the Hans Reiser's one, just because two great developers have been marked as guilty.

As a father, I cannot image a nightmare worst than loosing your child and being convicted about that.

That is why I made my little donation hoping it can help finding the right resources to clarify the incident. Please consider doing the same.

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The article Help Daniel Nicoletti has been posted by Luca Ferrari on November 13, 2012