A few days ago I created a repository on GitHub to host a few bits of source code: Ferrari Luca's Agent Platform (FLAP). This tiny project is a Java agent platform inspired by Aglets that I used during a course I did at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia in late 2006. My idea was to present students with a simple agent platform, easy to understand and to debug, in order to make they understand the main concept behind concurrency, thread management and agent messaging a platform must accomplish. The platform represents also a good starting point to do experiments against agent algorithms and theories, and it is for this reason I'm releasing this as Open Source. You are free to experiment and improve the platform as much as you want, but please take into account that the platform is intended to be a didactic workbench, not a professional or complex product. The code compiles with Apache Maven, and if you run test you will actually prompted with a micro interactive shell.

The code is released under the BSD license, so you are really free to do whatever you want with it. But if you find it useful in your courses, studies, free time, please let me know.

The article FLAP is now available as Open Source has been posted by Luca Ferrari on August 10, 2011