After a few commits to make JFK available as an Apache Ant based project  I decided to switch to the more useful Apache Maven. Now JFK has a Maven pom.xml file that allows for compilation, downloading of dependencies and test execution.
To compile the project just type:
   mvn compile

and the system will start download dependencies and all required jars to compile the project. To run the tests just type:

    mvn test

Note that within this commit the repository layout has changed in order to respect the Maven structure; in particular:
  • -the "src" folder now has "main" for the JFK code and "test" for the test suite;
  • the "src/main/resource" folder is the one that contains the log4j and spring configuration XML files;
  • the above XML files have changed name: "jfk.log4j.xml" and "jfk.spring-beans.xml"

The article JFK update: Maven setup has been posted by Luca Ferrari on June 14, 2011