On April 6th 2011 Gnome released a very important "software compilation": the Gnome 3 desktop. I've tested it during the development time and I see it has been a really good work, very innovative, maybe too much, and for this reason I believe this new version of Gnome will suffer about all the problems the KDE 4 release had. Both these releases deeply changes the approach to the computing, not only to the desktop, and therefore users will take time to get used to the new interface. I'm sure Gnome 3 will get rid of all problems quickly, and users will start loving this new desktop.
An interesting blog post from one of the founders of the Gnome Project briefly shows the history of the Gnome desktop; I'm quite surprised the globally-known leader of the first release of Gnome, Miguel De Icaza did not blog about this important release and did not put an "I am Gnome" icon on his blog neither.

On April 6th 2011 something else happened: KDE 4.6.2 was released! While this is a minor release, especially if compared to the Gnome 3 one, it is another important piece of history for my favourite desktop. And someone is already talking about KDE 5, even if I believe this will happen when Qt 5 will be released.

Well, just to joke around the "I am Gnome" image that many bloggers are using, I have produced a small "I am KDE" version of it. This is clearly a joke, there is no need to start a figth!

The article Gnome 3 and KDE 4.6.2 has been posted by Luca Ferrari on April 10, 2011