According to the Ohloh code metrics, WhiteCat is extremely well commented: comments are at 62% of the project and this makes WhiteCat in the first 10% Java projects in Ohloh for code comments. 
Well, this does not mean that WhiteCat is a good system, but that its development has been done (until now) in a very disciplined way. And this is particularly importan for OpenSource projects, because a good and clean documentation helps new users/developers to join the project itself.
The following is the quote from the Ohloh site:

Across all Java projects on Ohloh, 32% of all source code lines are comments. For WhiteCat, this figure is 61%.
This very impressive number of comments puts WhiteCat among the top 10% of all Java projects on Ohloh.

The article WhiteCat extemely well commented has been posted by Luca Ferrari on July 22, 2010