WhiteCat has been presented as a poster at CTS 2010, where people appeared really interested in this dynamic role framework. It is a small step for WhiteCat to grow and become more visibile, but it is an important one: as much as the framework gains in popularity, the much its adoption and improvement will happen!
Here there is an image of the poster that can be used to understand at a glance the WhiteCat architecture and idea.

For a more detailed introduction to WhiteCat please see these blog posts or read the  article L. Ferrari, and H. Zhu, “Making Agent Roles Perceivable Through Proxy Bytecode Manipulation,” in Proc. of the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS’09), Baltimore, MA, 2009, pp. 408-416 (Best Paper Nomination)

The article WhiteCat @ CTS 2010 has been posted by Luca Ferrari on June 18, 2010