I've signed today the campaign of the Free Software Foundation about the problems of the Microsoft Vista Operating System. I believe that, aside the problems of requiring more powerful and modern computers, this Operating System has the big problem, and maybe the big mistake, of trying to control the users' activities in order to prevent an inappropriate use of multimedia files and programs. I don't believe that limiting and monitoring users' activities is the right way to avoid illegality in the multimedia context. I believe that users' should be able to do what they want with their software and computer. After all, it can be trivial, but when a user gets a new car, she can do whatever she want with it: she can change the engine, can change the colour, can adapt the seats and so on. In other words, she can adapt the car to her needings. Why this should not be possible with software? Why am I supposed to be a bad person only because I'm storing a multimedia file on my hard disk?

There must be rules and laws for preventing people doing illegal actions with multimedia files, but the stree Vista is running on is not the right one, in my opinion.

The article Baaad vista has been posted by Luca Ferrari on March 19, 2008