I've signed the petition to boycott Trend Micro, that has sued Barracuda Networks for a patent right issue based on the use of the latter of the Open-Source GPL Clam AV antivirus software.

I'd like to express my support to Barracuda Networks, that is exploiting a GPL product accordingly to its licence, and so in a regular way. I also would like to applaud Barracuda for informing the community about its legal problems, a thing that probably Trend Micro didn't think could happen.
I cannot believe that someone could be sued due to patent rights on open source and GPL code, and this is an example of the need for a stronger protection against patents (like GPLv3 does), as well as it represents a nightmare for the open source community.
Moreover, I cannot really see the point in scanning a file travelling into a network, especially when this is done with an open source product. And if there is really a patent right, who will protect us againt viruses? Patent right holders? That's sound ridiculous to me!

The article Boycott Trend Micro has been posted by Luca Ferrari on February 24, 2008